Fisherman's Hats Adapted to Winter

What pieces are you afraid to use but that you have given the green light with the interpretations of celebrities who stand out with their style? 


Biker tights, maybe low waist jeans... I think it's possible to add feathered fisherman's hats to these. Because it has to be admitted that they have an assertive appearance. However, recently, they have started to be preferred more, especially as the cold makes you feel better. 


The UK-based Emma Brewin brand also plays a big part in this. It is possible to come across similar ones in different places in line with the increasing demand after famous names from Rihanna to Miley Cyrus showed up with this brand's feathered hats.


Feathered versions of fisherman's hats, which are frequently seen in summer, both defy the cold and create an extra stylish effect in winter looks.